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for america. >> chris: what do we now know about abdulmutallab's links to al-qaeda and what their role was in the christmas day attempted terror attack? and how seriously do you take claims from abdulmutallab and claims from yemen that there are dozens more jihadis weeing trained to attack the u.s.? >> as we have been able to piece together the story about mr. abdul billiomutallab it isr that he was in yemen and he reached out to al-qaeda. he received training. in fact, training at one of the camps that was hit during the month of december. he was clearly directed to carry out this attack at the direction of al-qaeda. the senior leadership there. there is something that we are very concerned about. we are concernd that they may be in fact trying to get other operatives, nonyemenis and others to train inside of yemen to send to the west and that is why we need to maintain the pressure on al-qaeda within yemen. >> chris: do we believe that as abdulmutallab has claimd that there are dozens more already trained to attack the u.s.? do we have specific information about a credible threat of
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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